Winfinity grows talent
Fri 14 Jul

Winfinity grows talent

Viesturs’ Success Story

Winfinity is a special place where incredibly talented people come together. We make sure to notice and appreciate the talents and unique abilities of our employees. One of the success stories that we want to share with you is the story of Viesturs, who joined Winfinity in January 2023 as a Game Presenter. 


Viesturs had over a year of experience in the live casino industry, however what's impressive is how quickly he moved up the ranks. Just two months into his journey at Winfinity, Viesturs earned a promotion to become a trainer at the Winfinity Academy. As a trainer, he ensures that our shufflers, game presenters, and game show hosts perform at the TOP level.


What motivated Viesturs to become a trainer? As Viesturs says, “Already during the interview, I have expressed a strong desire to grow within a company. I was determined to reach a new career level and saw potential for growth here at Winfinity.” This drive led Viesturs to seize the first opportunity that came his way - he initially applied for the open position of a Risk Manager. However, a few days later, a trainer position became available as well. After careful consideration, he realized that training had always held a special place in his heart. In his previous roles, he had always found joy in mentoring others. Additionally, he actively participates in a poker club where he both learns and teaches others.


Speaking about the character traits that have helped Viesturs to succeed, it is his strong sense of responsibility and a drive for personal development. He mentions that he is always extremely hungry for new knowledge, continuously seeking opportunities to learn and expand his skill set. Viesturs highlights that Winfinity is not just a job for him; it is an exhilarating journey of personal and professional growth. He cherishes the opportunity to meet new people, train them, learn alongside them and constantly push himself to exceed his own limits.


One of many things that Viesturs truly enjoys in his position is the absence of routine, relishing in the fact that each day presents new and exciting challenges. As a trainer, he strives to forge individual connections with each student, fostering an environment of understanding. Looking ahead, Viesturs has set his sights on continuing his professional journey within Winfinity, eagerly awaiting new adventures and seizing every opportunity for further development. His determination and passion for his work inspire those around him and contribute to the collaborative culture at Winfinity.


So, as you stand at the threshold of your own journey, we ask you: Are you ready for your next challenge? Winfinity awaits, ready to embrace your unique talents, nurture your growth, and provide you with an environment where you can thrive. Join us and become a part of our extraordinary team, and maybe the next success story will be about you?

Written by Karina Kozlovceva

Social Media Specialist

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